Sep. 20th, 2011

Sir Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant-Duff is such a wonderful name. Other delightfully baffling references:
__ the rolling periods of the Caroline divines
__ the delicious duet between Papageno and Papagena
__ searching St. Chrysostom

  • 'It might, perhaps, have kept back Lord Feilding. But he is like a cork.'
  • The Church of England is a commodious institution; she is very anxious to please, but somehow or other, she has never managed to supply a happy home to superstitious egotists.
  • Some of Newman's disciples were astonished and grieved to find that he sat down to four courses of fish during Lent. 'I am sorry to say,' remarked one of them afterwards, 'that there is a lobster salad side to the Cardinal.'
  • The late Archdeacon of Chichester, who had understood so well and practised with such careful skill the precept of the golden mean so dear to the heart of the Church of England, now, as Provost of Westminster, flung himself into the fray with that unyielding intensity of fervour, that passion for the extreme and the absolute, which is the very lifeblood of the Church of Rome.
  • ...the form of Manning, restless and indomitable, scouring like a stormy petrel the angry ocean of debate.
  • He could mingle together astuteness and holiness without any difficulty; he could make innuendoes as naturally as an ordinary man makes statements of fact; he could apply flattery with so unsparing a hand that even Princes of the Church found it sufficient; and, on occasion, he could ring the changes of torture on a human soul with a tact which called forth universal approbation.
  • Newman's reply was the Apologia pro Vita Sua.
  • It is not because he satisfies the reason, but because he astounds it, that men abase themselves before the Vicar of Christ.
  • 'If anyone says that it is not possible, by the natural light of human reason, to acquire a certain knowledge of the One and True God, let him be anathema.' In other words, it became an article of Faith that Faith was not necessary for a true knowledge of God.
  • For, while the offence remained ambiguous, there was no ambiguity about the penalty. One hair's-breadth from the unknown path of truth, one shadow of impurity in the mysterious light of faith, and there shall be anathema! anathema!



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