Mar. 3rd, 2011

Heisenberg also said most of these:
  • I carry my surveillance around like an infectious disease.
  • Fear, certainly—the touch of fear that one always feels for a teacher, for an employer, for a parent.
  • ...engaged—three months and we’re married. All on the sheer momentum of that presto!
  • Absolution was granted for sins past and repented, not for sins intended and yet to be committed.
  • Yes, and it would be another easy mistake to make, to think that one loved one’s country less because it happened to be in the wrong.
  • Elsinore, I confess.
Exciting science:
  • That excellent Danish you heard was my first attempt at English.
  • Bohr  With Dirac in Japan. You climbed a pagoda.
  • Heisenberg  He’s travelled all the way from Hamburg to Berlin purely in order to see you for the second time round … Bohr  And find out how my ideas on spin have developed en route.
  • We put man back at the centre of the universe... That the universe exists only as a series of approximations. Only within the limits determined by our relationship with it.
  • When there’s no more uncertainty, because there’s no more knowledge.
  • (Bohr, for a start, was as notorious for his inarticulacy and inaudibility as he was famous for his goodness and lovability. He was fluent in various languages, but I have heard it said that the problem was to know which language he was being fluent in.)
  • (Throughout the period of their closest friendship they addressed each other with the formal Sie, and switched to du only when Heisenberg also had a chair.)
I feel that it was somewhat unsporting for the playwright to tell us outright what he wanted the play to be about...
__ Even when all the external evidence has been mastered, the only way into the protagonists’ heads is through the imagination. This indeed is the substance of the play.
__ There is not one single thought or intention of any sort that can ever be precisely established.




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